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Personal Property Tax

Personal Property Tax Recovery

AI offers considerable experience in valuation techniques, tax issues, and financial negotiations dealing with large industrial properties which often present a formidable task for both corporate tax departments and local tax authorities. AI’s personal property review process helps clients to properly identify the existences of assets reported on tax returns, to classify assets to take advantage of the most favorable treatment available, and to analyze the values returned by assessing officials to determine if they are fair and reasonable.

Personal Property Tax Review Process

Review documentation to identify issues, ascertain probability of success, determine recovery opportunities and estimate time requirements

  • Research property tax laws, appraisal valuation approaches, prior court case findings, Revenue Taxation Code, industry treatises, and other information sources
  • Evaluate information gathered to determine overall approach, probability of success, and time requirements
  • Negotiate with local county personnel, presenting the issues, reduction requests, and supporting materials in a professional but relatively informal setting
  • Compare reductions offered with likely reduction achievable through presentation to the Assessment Appeals Board
  • Present the facts and issues supporting the requested reductions to the local Assessment Appeals Board. Appearances take place after informal negotiations have been exhausted and there is the reasonable likelihood of achieving better results in a formal setting
  • Follow through until refunds have been received, audits are completed, or future assessment reductions are verified

Personal Property Tax Recovery Benefits

AI works in partnership with many corporations to successfully reduce personal property tax liabilities. Our collaborative efforts have yielded significant saving for many Fortune 1000 corporations. Ask about how we can work with you to reduce your taxes and share in the savings.

Project Cost Justification

AI saves large corporations millions of dollars through fixed asset systems, physical inventory, and reconciliation services. Large multi-national corporations often have large amounts (20-25%) of physically disposed fixed assets on their personal property tax rolls. AI’s services and systems identify these assets for removal from the client’s tax and insurance records saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Equifax, Inc. saved $700,000 in personal property taxes as a result of working with Assertive Industries, Inc.

The example below is for a manufacturing plant with $80,000,000 in fixed assets and demonstrates potential savings a physical inventory and reconciliation could achieve for each plant based on overstatement of assets by 25%. Example is for demonstration purposes and clients results may vary.

Missing Assets $20,000,000
Purchase Cost $20,000,000
Depreciation Factor 65%
Fair Market Value $13,000,000
Assessment Rate 40%
Assessed Value $4,200,000
Tax Rate 3.5%
Overpaid Taxes $147,000/year

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